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Currently my flock consists of 7 ewes, 5 pure Jacob ewes and 2 crossed Jacob ewes. Jacobs are a small rare breed which are piebald in colour and normally have multiple horns. They can have from 2 to 4 horns but more commonly have 4. I chose this breed for the colour, texture and long length of staple of their wool. Their wool is beautiful to weave and great to manage.



This is Beatrix. She was born on 8th March 2014 from a twin. Pictured with her twins from 2017. 


This is Bella who was born on 16 March 2014 from a quad. Pictured with her ram lamb from 2017.

This is Bridget who was born on 3 April 2015 from a twin.

I bought Bella, Bridget and Beatrix from the Rare Breed Sale at Carlisle Auction in September 2015.  This was my starter flock which I am extending from their offspring.

On 5 April 2016 Beatrix had her first lambs which were twins, a beautiful tup and gimmer lamb.  Their father is my Dad's Charollais tup called Angus.  Both lambs did great and Beatrix was very proud of them.  She is a great mother and kept them both in order.  

Beatrix had two pure Jacobs lambs in 2017 which are now part of my main flock and I will breed from them next year when they are fully grown.